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studying with maria (was copying the teacher)

updated thu 10 nov 11


Rebecca Catterall on wed 9 nov 11

I studied with Maria Martinez - a nice white kid from New York. The techn=
ique is=3D20
unique which is why I studied with her. Not only did she and her family=3D2=

members encourage us to learn their techniques they discussed their tradi=
and culture. I tried their imagery and made up some of my own. I even use=
Japanese brush painting which really mixed things up. The point is we can=
learn from each other and expand what we do. Walk in another's shoes. Mar=
even let me use her burnshing stone the two weeks I studied with her. A=3D2=

highlight of a trip across the country soon after was a tour of her home =
pueblo. And now I am back to making black on blackware with some alterati=
You never know how and when influences will hit you.=3D20