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a few bowl thoughts

updated mon 14 nov 11


Deborah Thuman on sun 13 nov 11

The size and shape of a bowl should be determined by what it will be
used for. I have pasta bowls. They are great for pasta - not great for
soup. I have soup bowls that are great for soup. They look like
oversized mugs and have a handle. I have bowls that are perfect for my
granola. Jim has an ice cream bowl that only he would use for ice
cream. He likes to have a lot of ice cream at one time. I like to use
a mug for my ice cream bowl.

A bowl has to be 6" high and 6" wide? Who says? Am I serving salsa for
a multitude? Or just for two? Am I using it to mix bread dough? Cookie
dough? Will this bowl hold fruit or fruit salad? I feel sorry for
anyone who insists on marrying anal retentive with clay. Ain't gonna
work no matter how hard you kick it. Besides, I have enough stress
with my work... I really, really do not need stress with my art.

At the moment, I'm working on coil built bowls. My goal right now is
to make this bowl better than the last bowl. I'm achieving that goal.
I'm even managing to get the bowls to be about the same size. Long
range - I want to be able to vary the shape of the bowls, make shapes
and sizes consistently, and then make a really big bowl.

Right now, I'm playing with underglazes on the bowls. I have an idea
for incorporating an "image" into my design. I'm still figuring out
the image - but when I get it right, it's going to be fun.

Did you know there's a set of commercial underglazes that, if you put
on about 5 coats then bisque fire, will turn into a really nice glaze?
Wow! Consistent one stop firing! Cool. Not only that, I really like
the color. Note to self: buy more of these underglazes on the next
trip to Albuquerque.

Deb Thuman