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nceca march 2012 canuck bandits

updated thu 17 nov 11


tony clennell on wed 16 nov 11

I am bringing a dozen of my students from Sheridan to Nceca this year. We
are busy selling mugs and bowls to try to help defray some of the costs. We
usually can pay their room (we stack them like cord wood) in the hotel room
and we pay their registration. Airfare is sometimes helped a bit but with
$600 fares this may be a stretch. I need a room mate or hotel room with
someone as I don't want to stay with the students. Warning I do snore if I
drink bourbon and that is likely to happen. if I mix that with Hank's wine
collection it is sure to happen. I will supply ear plugs! We're just in
the planning stages.
Bringing a great bunch. Some of the keenest I've ever taught.