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updated thu 24 nov 11


mel jacobson on wed 23 nov 11

NCECA 2012 Board Nominations and Elections: Important Update

NCECA's Board of Directors is pleased to announce its nominees for Presiden=
t Elect and Director at Large. The President Elect role represents a 6-year=
cycle of service to NCECA: 2-years as President Elect, 2-years as Presiden=
t and 2-years as Past President. The decision about President Elect is alwa=
ys an important one. This next election is particularly significant as the =
person selected as President Elect in 2012 will be at the helm of NCECA's B=
oard throughout the 50th year celebration in 2016.

Bylaws changes approved by the membership in 2010 require the NCECA Board o=
f Directors to nominate two candidates for the role of President Elect and =
put them before membership for a vote. NCECA's Board is gratified that two =
exceptional candidates, Deborah Bedwell and Paul Wandless, have accepted no=
minations for this important seat.

Also up for election at the 2012 meeting is one of three Director at Large =
positions. This position represents a three-year commitment of service on N=
CECA's Board of Directors. Garth Johnson and Steven Wolochowicz are the two=
nominees put forth by the Board of Directors. Click el/AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird/Profiles/npgzzsih.default/Mail/Local%20Folde=
rs/>here to read more abo=
ut these individuals and their qualifications.

Additional nominations for the Director at Large position may come from the=
floor at the First Members Business meeting scheduled to take place from 8=
:30-9 am on Thursday, March 29. Also at this meeting, nominations for Stude=
nt Directors at Large will be accepted for a single position running from 2=

NCECA voting, by our bylaws, takes place during the second session of the M=
embers Business Meeting on the final day of the Annual Conference. In 2012,=
this meeting is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 31. To maximize=
participation in the vote for our next President Elect, the meeting will b=
e called to order at 9 am. Following presentations by three of NCECA's six =
2012 Emerging Artists, the two candidates for President Elect will make bri=
ef presentations to the membership and the election for this position will =
take place. The 2012 Emerging Artist presentations will resume once voting =
for the President Elect position has concluded. Following the closing co-le=
cture by Robert Brady and Sandy Simon, elections for other board positions =
will take place.

NCECA's Board is currently exploring election methods that will make better=
use of 21st century technologies to increase opportunities for member invo=
lvement in critical decisions of Board leadership. To do so will require NC=
ECA to put a ballot question before the membership to amend NCECA's bylaws =
regarding voting to permit electronic ballots along with live ballot for fu=
ture elections. The goal of the structural alteration of the Saturday progr=
am, as well as consideration of any future ballot question on the amendment=
of the bylaws, is to increase member engagement and participation in elect=

NCECA's Board and Staff members extend thankfulness to all of you that work=
to share your love for ceramic arts and education. Best wishes to you and =
your families this holiday season.

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