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toledo potters guild

updated thu 24 nov 11


Bonnie Staffel on wed 23 nov 11

Congratulations to the 60 year anniversary of the Toledo Potters Guild. =3D
was an early member when they met in each other's homes or at the Toledo
Artists Club, Toledo Art Museum, and other venues. You have come a long =3D
and probably very few of the early members are still living, as are =3D
Franklin and me. I think I was president once as each of the members =3D
turns in the various offices.=3D20

The accomplishments of that Guild are many. In those early times we =3D
in the newly professional potters to give seminars including Toshiko
Takaezu, Paul Soldner, and many others of their stature. The Toledo =3D
was very supportive of our activities, giving us space to have the =3D
usually to large groups of new potters. We also held small workshops in
Raku, throwing, firing, as well as some nice partying. We supported the
Toledo Federation of Art Societies which held the annual Arts and Crafts
competition, with many members also being awarded prizes for their work.
Many of the artists and craftsmen who started with instruction at the =3D
Museum School of Art have gone on to fame and success in their work. =3D
artists often met at our apartment near downtown Toledo for art =3D
and friendship.=3D20

You can find information about these early artists and craftsmen who =3D
instrumental in adding to the culture of Toledo on this website compiled by Penny Gentieu.=3D20

I am so proud of your accomplishments and happy that I was a part of the
beginning times. Edith was a supporter and active for the whole time. It
takes a lot of work and planning to have such a successful Guild.=3D20


DVD Throwing with Coils and Slabs
DVD Introduction to Wheel Work
Charter Member Potters Council