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fw: toxic stupid/was:re: boric acid question

updated sat 3 dec 11


David Woof on thu 1 dec 11

Hi Jeanie=3D2C

Please don't confuse compassion with gutless avoidance of confronting dange=
rous issues and dangerous people.=3D20
And please be grateful that there are people willing to get dirty doing thi=
s job for you!!!

Brighter minds than mine have warned that expressing unfounded fears on thi=
s forum just=3D20
arms the fear mongering bureaucrats who in their misinformed and misguided =
zeal for public safety=3D2C or to justify their position and paycheck=3D2C =
at what ever thread is blowing in the wind=3D20
to do their job. So we don't need folks stirring the pot when they don't un=
what is cooking.
Respectfully and with compassionate wishes=3D3B
The only thing turgid about me is certainly not my "Victorian self assuranc=
e" as you say.
If I display self assurance it is only because I keep my life working for m=
e pretty=3D20
much the way I want it because I am willing to face the risk and the conseq=
uences of=3D20
the decisions and subsequent changes I must make to keep it so. And this l=
ife endeavor has no place for baseless fears supported by ignorance.

Being informed is my responsibility to me that I shoulder willingly.

As far as the defaming a spiritual practice: I hope I did it well!!! I was =
simply contrasting the difference between living in fear because of the emp=
tiness caused by a state of moral/spiritual bankruptcy=3D3B and that of a w=
lesome life of love of god and neighbor that throws fear outside. This is t=
he root cause and fear is the manifest symptom.

How could that have offended anyone unless they have personal doubts about =
their spiritual standing.=3DA0 Offended is wasted emotion unless it motivat=
us to honest appraisal and doing something about what we find!!!

Certainly anyone who doesn't have their head buried way up inside has obser=
ved that the majority=3D20
of religions and so called spiritual leaders of the world hold and control =
their members in the tongs grip of fear.=3DA0 Where does the "truth that se=
one free" fit in? Or "the love of God that casts fear aside"
If you aren't living in freedom as a free moral agent accepting responsibil=
ity for the information and the decisions made from it=3D2C and able to exe=
ise trust and choose=3D2C then you can bet against the last dollar in the c=
lection plate that you are sitting in the wrong pew and you will be afraid =
of the sky falling any minute now.=3D20
And if the sky does fall=3D2C most folks won't survive because they have gi=
n away their power of personal responsibility and critical thinking skills =
in exchange for "protection". So what responsibility of compassion do we ex=
ercise in the face of such deliberate ignorance?=3D20
Do we suffer fools at the expense of our sisters and brothers in arms?

Be well and make good pots=3D2C

David Woof
Re: Toxic stupid/was:Re: Boric Acid question
Posted by: "Jeanie Silver" jeaniesilver@VERIZON.NET=3D20
Date: Wed Nov 30=3D2C 2011 10:36 am ((PST))

To David Woof
That was a fine rant=3D2C full of the passion of muckraking journalism and
turgid with Victorian self assurance. Too bad the vicious final paragraph
does much to negate the good sense contained in the body of the rant. The
heart of the spiritual practice you defame is contained in the practice of
compassion. It is what will carry us all home in the end. My hope for you
is that you make its acquaintance.
Jeanie in P> =3D20