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toilet and other brushes

updated mon 5 dec 11


Lili Krakowski on sun 4 dec 11

Scroogish as usual.

While toilet brushes have lots of charm, and make a tremendous =3D
impression on visitors to the studio--esp. when some rather discolored =3D
ones are hanging on the wall...they tend to be fragile at the place =3D
where the handle joins the curved bristle part. =3D20

That is why I much prefer--and suggest--scrub brushes of one kind or =3D
another...although cheap hair brushes work very well too.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage

lori leary on sun 4 dec 11

If you can get you hands on the toilet brushes sold by IKEA, they have =3D
no metal and cost about $1.00 US. I use them in my glaze buckets to =3D
scrape the sides of the bucket when stirring my glazes before using. I =3D
actually store them in the bucket. They last for years. YMMV.

Lori L. =3D20=3D