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elementary teachers/ nea news letter

updated thu 8 dec 11


Mike Gordon on wed 7 dec 11

I just received this........ Mike Gordon

High-Rated New York Schools Replace Recess With Arts Education.

The New York Times (12/7, Spencer, Subscription Publication) reports
that a number of top elementary schools in New York city,
administrators are filling up time formerly dedicated to "unstructured"
recess with arts education. "Free time during school hours has become a
hot topic among educators across the country, many of whom worry that
children are not getting enough of it. Recent studies, including one
published in 2009 in the medical journal Pediatrics, indicate that many
children learn better and behave better when free time is part of the
school day." In New York "the practice of packing enrichment classes
into recess has become increasingly common at some of the city's
top-performing elementary schools, where parents see them as a way to
fill gaps left by years of budget cuts and an increasing emphasis on
standardized tests."