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engobe/ liner glaze

updated fri 30 dec 11


Bill Merrill on thu 29 dec 11

The following engobe is one that was given to me by Pete Voulkos over 40
years ago. It is a cone 10 slip for green ware or it can be used on
bisque ware. It can't be trailed heavily like a wet application slip or
it will crack off. I add tin to the slip , but is white without the
tin. =3D20

Dave Shaner used this engobe to decorate low bowl or platter forms that
were dry. He would wax resist a pattern and put the engobe over the
piece. After bisque firing he would then glaze the piece.

Dave also used the engobe over glazes, but added 75% iron to the engobe
and would use it as a wash (use thin) over his glazes. He would glaze a
form, do a wax resist pattern over the glaze and then use the thin iron
wash over the glaze.

Voulkos cone 10 dry/bisque engobe
20 EPK=3D20
20 OM4
25 Neph SY
30 Flint
5 Borax

For a blue add 2% cobalt oxide

For a green add 3% chrome

A great white glaze that works extremely well on interiors of pots as
well as the exterior is Eustes liner glaze It also is a cone 9-10 glaze.
If you leave out the flint it is an red-organish white dolomite mat.
Ken Ferguson used this version of Eustes during his days at the Bray
Foundation. =3D20

The liner version takes cobalt, iron and other colorant combinations
very well.

Eustes Liner Cone 10 reduction
3470 Custer
1960 Dolomite
310 Whiting
2360 EPK
1890 Flint

Bill Merrill