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of slip and engobe

updated fri 30 dec 11


Lili Krakowski on thu 29 dec 11

As Edouard reminds us "engobe" is the French for slips used in =3D
decoration, and my one German source tells me "engobe'" is used in =3D
German as well.

"Slip" is clay in liquefied form. We use slip for casting, we use slip =
when joining pieces of wet clay...and we use slip in slip decoration, =3D
slip trailing, when making slipware.

Engobe seems to be used to describe slips that have a goodly proportion =
of other materials added to the basic clay. Mainly, it appears, such =3D
materials are added to make slips adhere better, work better, when =3D
applied to bisque.

Both terms live on slippery slopes...We seems to be some years away =3D
from nailing down more precise meaning. I guess it will be up to =3D
editors to achieve to consistent usage.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage