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updated mon 2 jan 12


Mike Gordon on sun 1 jan 12

Mike Gordon

Ric Swenson on mon 2 jan 12

One of the first to use acrylic paints in 1958...Helen was an innovator...a=
lovely person. A real Bennington College woman.

Former colleague

So sorry to hear about her loss. She taught me a lot through her painting.


like Stanley Rosen at Bennington College also, when I worked there. He wa=
s the glaze mavin. She was the paint mavin.

My friend Jim Goldstone..hollywood director..emmy for "Kent State" first e=
pisode of STAR TREK...Ironsides...'Winning' with Paul Newman...

Jim was a funny guy

also a Bennington grad.

doing magic.

like our friend John Addison....he played piano with my daughter at his ho=
me once.... a fun night. He won an oscar for the theme to TOM JONES and r=
etired in Bennington Vermont writing the ditty for 'Mystery She Wrote'

but I digress..


Ric Swenson, B.F.A, M.F.A.
Ceramist, Artist and Teacher.
Jing De Zhen Ceramic Institute
Jing De Zhen City,
Jiang Xi Province
Mobile: 86-13767818872

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