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spanish iron and opax

updated thu 29 jan 98


Grimmer on wed 28 jan 98

Ric Swenson wrote:

> Spanish Red Iron Oxide is a standard type. Others may be just as good or
> better.
> a.k.a. Ferric Oxide Fe2O3

According to Tom Buck in a post off-list, Spanish Iron is an
extremely pure form of iron oxide. It is produced as a byproduct of
a particular bacteria in ferrous sulphate, of all things. Regular red
iron oxide can contain any number of impurities, including
silicates and metallic iron. It's not as pure. Did I misunderstand
you, Tom?

> >2. ULTROX - What is it and where do you go to get it?
> Superpax, Ultrox, Opax, etc, are all BRAND NAMES for Titania, and Titanium
> Dioxide is used coomonly in paint and in ceramic glazes to opacify.

It's my impression that Opaz, Superpax, Zircopax, Ultrox, et al,
were all Zirconium Silicates, not Titania. Is there a difference
between these opacifiers?

steve grimmer
marion illinois
sixty and sunny tomorrow. weird.