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rice straw and nuka

updated thu 5 jan 12


Sailoor47@AOL.COM on wed 4 jan 12

Hi All,

We just finished hosting a workshop with Phil Rogers and he and I spoke a
bit about Nuka. I have the following formula from him. It is the one tha=
he currently uses and, I believe, appears on the front cover of his book
called, Ash Glazes. I have used it a good bit in my last two wood firings
and have had excellent results:

Ash (Mixed pine and hardwood put through an 80 mesh screen and washed 4
times) 650
Cornish Stone 550
Flint 350
This needs cone 11 for a good melt and rich surface. It will run a slight
bit at cone 12.
Happy New Year!
Bruce Bowers
_www.bowerswoodfireandpics.com_ (