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bountiful bowls in rockport tx

updated sat 7 jan 12


Taylor Hendrix on fri 6 jan 12

Just a little boo to let folks know about the annual fundraising
pottery sale here in Rockport, Texas. It raises funds for our county's
Senior Center and affords an opportunity for potters to sell their
wares. Entry fee and silent auction for the fundraising. Potters get
their sales. The one time a year I sell my pots.

Link from the Art Center's pages emphasizing coordinated activities:

Link for the event:

Taylor, in Rockport TX
wirerabbit1 on Skype (-0600 UTC)

gary navarre on fri 6 jan 12

Sooo, why do they show a cup, a conceptual vase, but no bowls on their anno=
uncement page?=3DA0
=3D0A=3DA0=3D0A=3DA0=3D0A=3D0AGary Navarre=3D0ANavarre Pottery=3D0ANavarre =
rway, Michigan, USA=3D0A
__________________=3D0A From: Taylor Hendrix =3D0ATo=
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ayart@LSV.CERAMICS.ORG =3D0ASent: Friday, January 6, 2012 11:12 AM=3D0ASubj=
[Clayart] Bountiful Bowls in Rockport TX=3D0A =3D0AJust a little boo to le=
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lks know about the annual fundraising=3D0Apottery sale here in Rockport, Te=
s. It raises funds for our county's...=3D0A=3D0ALink for the event:=3D0Ahtt=
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600 UTC)=3D0A