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finland purchase scam? fake checks.

updated tue 17 jan 12


Frank Gaydos on mon 16 jan 12

Thought this is a good time to repost this info from AARP

Helpful info from AARP to help spot a fake check.

They give the web site for checking routing numbers which indentify a bank.

Frank Gaydos

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as
when they do it from religious conviction"
Blaise Pascal.

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Subject: Re: Finland purchase scam?

It's a scam. These scams are getting more and more specific, so they seem l=
egit, but they are not specific enough (obviously they have no knowledge of=
the business they claim to be in (art)). That's why it seems fishy.
I asked the same question on Clayart a while ago and got varied answers. Bu=
t the main clue is that they will pick up. That's how all the scammers oper=
ate, I think. I don't know how it works out for them, but I guess it does.


Chris Moench on mon 16 jan 12

My thanks to all who gave me their 2 cents on my Finland scam query. I wa=
skeptical from the first email from the scammer. But, hey, wouldn't want =
to sell=3D20
a few thousand dollars worth of work to some appreciative fin? It would b=
e a=3D20
boost to both the ego and the bank balance! I feel fortunate to have you =
all to=3D20
turn to for a reality check. Reading it all makes a good case for selling=
know your customer. Stay humble. Happy MLK Day to you all.