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updated wed 18 jan 12


stephani stephenson on mon 16 jan 12

I think the main reason on end might be better then flat in certain situati=
ons isn't so much about strength as it is ..drag
I know the following is entirely goofy, but it popped into my head to illus=

This is an experiment you can do , and this will prove inconclusively, in t=
he halls of weird and imaginary anthropomorphic science, that=3DA0 large ti=
s especially, will dry=3DA0 and fire just fine on their edges.

Stand up tall and balanced, feet=3DA0 about hip width apart. Lets say you a=
5' 6" inches tall, 66 inches, tall.=3D20
visualize yourself shrinking almost 10%, shrinking about 6 inches in height=
ahhh. still standing!!! (Unless of course you were pitched=3DA0 over at an =
arming unsupportable=3DA0 angle to begin with.) Visualize yourself shrinkin=
g =3D
in girth a little bit, each foot might shrink=3DA0 about=3DA0 1/2 - 3/4 inc=
h in=3D
length. Still no problem Still standing. The only resistance you met=3DA0 =
s the resistance of the air as you shrunk.

now lay on the floor and visualize the same thing. Visualize yourself shrrr=
=3DA0OW!=3DA0 is that your butt dragging along the ground as you=3DA0 shrin=
k ? di=3D
d your=3D0A shoulder blade just get caught on that piece of floor that stic=
up a bit? Are you=3DA0 buckling, tearing or lifting up off the ground in p=
Darn , now you may=3DA0 need=3DA0 to devise a smoother floor, a slipsheet, =
le ball bearings or rollers that will let you shrink without snagging or dr=

OK ,I know that was=3DA0 silly, but it WAS kind of fun. I better leave befo=
you visualize putting=3DA0=3DA0 me through the pugmill.=3D20

Cheers, Stephani

Jeanie Silver on tue 17 jan 12

Great thought experiment...can I ripitoff and use it in my teaching?