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meeting in the hotel bar at nceca + tacoma information

updated thu 26 jan 12


Rick Mahaffey on tue 24 jan 12

I went to several NCECA meetings in the years BC (Before Clayart). =3D
Meeting in the bar at the conference hotel was the way we networked back =
then. I am sure that it still goes on now.
In Kansas City we told the hotel bar that they needed to bring in 5 or 6 =
times the normal amount of beer when we arrived. They did not really =3D
understand what they were in for. They ran out every night. I hope =3D
that the folks in Seattle at the conference hotel do a better job than =3D
the folks in KC did.

I would like to put in a plug for the Tuesday bus tour to Tacoma where =3D
there will be several shows and stops at the Museum of Glass. At Tacoma =
Community College we are hosting one of the stops and will have a show =3D
of Tea Bowls from Korea, Japan, the UK and the USA. The last stop on =3D
the bus tour of Tacoma is at Clay Art Center our local supplier. They =3D
are planning a show of work by local potters that should be a good one. =
Clay Art Center is run by two potters and they have some interesting =3D
products that they make in house.

On Saturday the 31st and Sunday the 1st of April we are hosting a =3D
workshop on Tea Bowl making with a couple of potters from Japan; =3D
Inayoshi Osamu and Richard Milgrim =3D and Robert Fornell of Seattle =3D and we are trying to confirm =3D
one other potter.=3D20

If you are interested in the workshop or want more information please =3D
contact Rick Mahaffey at rmahaffey@tacomacc.ecu

Tacoma is about 35 miles south of Seattle and you can reach Tacoma by =3D
bus from Seattle on the Sound Transit bus for $3.50 or $4.00. THe ride =3D
takes about 50 minutes to reach the transit hub in Tacoma and another 35 =
minutes or so to reach Tacoma Community College and an additional $2.00.

stephani stephenson on wed 25 jan 12

Rick , thanks for the reminder=3DA0 about Tacoma. I 'll miss the tour but h=
thought about the glass museum and Tacoma clay.=3D20
I went to high school in Lakewood. I use to ride my bike up to the Tacoma t=
rain station in the early morning, and take the train to Seattle, which was=
$1 at that time. I would just walk around Seattle=3DA0 waterfront and down=
wn and explore, then take the train back to Tacoma and ride back to Lakewoo=
d. Now i can hardly believe I could fit that into one day. I also fondly re=
member Court C,=3DA0 the UPS campus, and Point Defiance etc. A couple times=
riends and I put our bikes=3DA0 on the ferry and rode around Vashon Island.=
onderful summer memories. of course that was before the glass museum=3DA0 a=
before the Tacoma Dome. most of the action then was on Pacific Ave, well a=
fter dark, but i only heard about that....

looking forward to the great Northwest
Stephani=3DA0 S.