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glazing techniques class feb. 20 -24, 2012

updated thu 2 feb 12


John Britt on wed 1 feb 12

Hey all you Potters/Glazers,

I have a Glazing Techniques class coming up with a couple of spots open.=3D=

It is a perfect class for beginners (to intermediate) who don't really ge=
t good=3D20
glazing results.=3D20

We will talk (and actually help you do it ) about how to Dip, Pour, and S=
and then fire and see results and repeat until you get it right. It can =
make all=3D20
the difference and take you to a new level of your pottery skills.

We will also have a variety of other projects and techniques, like wax/la=
overlapping, pencils, chalks, decals, stains, etc. And everyone will wor=
k at=3D20
their own pace. No stress!

Should be a fun class but you should let me know asap because you will ne=
to bring about 30 bisque pieces. (nothing complicated -cups or teabowls w=
do) So you may need time to make them.=3D20

If you can't do that I will have some samples here.

The location is near Penland School. 1 hour north of Asheville NC.

Let me know,