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two inch tiles

updated fri 10 feb 12


bill lee on thu 9 feb 12

Here's an idea about cutting out a bunch of tiles. Some years ago I was hir=
ed to cut , stack and sand,=3DA0 3000 3 inch tiles for a Judaic artist.=3DA=
0 He=3D
was an architect by training and had made a frame contraption for cutting =
out those tiles. It was cut from a piece of formica set on wooden risers to=
go around the slab to be cut. Think a picture frame framing the clay slab =
with the clay exposed. On the frame's top were glued a bunch of wooden bloc=
ks precisely laid out to allow for shrinkage.=3DA0 I would lay a metal yard=
tick against the top and bottom blocks and cut the clay vertically with a n=
eedle tool,=3DA0 using the straight edge as the guide. In this way I was ab=
to cut out 3000 tiles.

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