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two-inch tiles.

updated fri 10 feb 12


Lili Krakowski on thu 9 feb 12

I know next to zip about tile making, and no doubt, I hope anyway--the =3D
great Stephanie will post.

But, some years ago, I decided to make tiny bricks. The idea was to =3D
replicate something I had as a child which was a box of tiny bricks and =3D
some miniature wooden beams, which I could assemble all with white =3D
glue...and make a house.=3D20

Anyway: when I found out one can buy such a kit I quit.


I built wooden brick molds. It took "forever" but I used molding (made =
of hardwood) and measured and all that, and ended up with a set of =3D

So if I were going to make thousands (gee whiz!) of Tiny Tiles I would =3D
make such molds--build something that would look like a ladder--attach =3D
several of these together into a rectangle, dust them with cornstarch =3D
or maybe calcined kaolin....pack in the rather soft clay, and run =3D
through my slab roller.

In my (desperately, extremely) limited tile making experience cutting =3D
tiles tends to make them warp.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage