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u.p. woodfired kiln 4th firing taking a peek (video)

updated fri 10 feb 12


gary navarre on thu 9 feb 12

I'm no different than anyone else when it comes to the a=3D

Hey Folks,=3D0A=3D0A=3DA0I'm no different than anyone else when it comes to=
the a=3D
nxiety/excitement of waiting until the pots are cool enough to pull and adm=
ire so about Noon the next day I took a look and decided to wait until late=
r in the afternoon. Rick came by later so I pulled a small bottle with a lo=
ng metal rod like a Chimpanzee fishing for Termites with a stick ...=3D0A=
ttp:// =3DA0=3DA0 =3D0A=3D0A=3D0A=3D=
A0Thanks for w=3D
atching and we should see more in a few days so stay tuned eh.=3D0A=3D0A=3D=
ary Navarre=3D0ANavarre Pottery=3D0ANavarre Enterprises=3D0ANorway, Michiga=
n, USA=3D