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redart clay slip

updated sat 11 feb 12


Janine in Tacoma on fri 10 feb 12

Dear Clayart:

I sometimes use a plain slip made of Cedar Heights Redart over white=3D20
stoneware in the leather-hard stage to provide a scraffito surface or inf=
glaze color. Almost always fired in reduction to cone 10. I sometimes g=
small bubbles in the slip during the glaze firing and if the bubbles brea=
k I get a=3D20
rough/sharp edge. Easy enough to knock down with a stone, but I'd rather=
not have the bubbles to begin with. Does anyone know of a simple=3D20
addition/modification I can make to the slip that would mitigate this?=3D20=

Otherwise the slip fits my clay body fine. I'd prefer not to have to mea=
ingredients to make a nice iron slip, but if that's what it will take, I =
plenty of other slip formulas.

I'll greatly appreciate suggestions! Looking forward to seeing and meeti=
many of you in Seattle soon. Thanks as always for your help.