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seattle art museum exclusive usa gauguin exhibit during nceca

updated tue 14 feb 12


Paul Lewing on sun 12 feb 12

On Feb 12, 2012, at 11:12 AM, Laurie wrote:

I have purchased a ticket to this show already! You need to get them
in advance
and arrive near your specified time slot. Once inside I think you can
stay as
long as you like.

I went to this show today. It's pretty terrific. Not only does it
have a lot of Gauguin's paintings, but LOTS of the Polynesian art he
was looking at at the time, from Tahiti, the Marquessas and New
Zealand. What amazed me was how little paint he actually applied to
the canvas. A great handler of paint he was not, but the color is

If you buy a ticket ahead of time, be sure to print out the coupon
that they will send you. It gives you discounts at a number of
downtown restaurants.
And if you go to Seattle Art Museum during NCECA, be sure to see the
Porcelain Room. SAM has one of the great porcelain collections of
America, both European and Asian. It's on the same floor as the
Gauguin show.

Also, on your way to that show you'll pass by clay pieces by Jeff
Koons and Robert Arneson, and a display of recent acquisitions, which
includes pieces by Toshiko Takaezu, Ron Nagle, and Ken Price. And
porcelain ware salvaged from a shipwreck off the coast of Vietnam,
including one fused together mass of little bowls with a coral growing
out of it that is one of the coolest sculptures I've seen in a while.

SAM is easy walking distance from the Convention Center and Sheraton

Paul Lewing