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a thank you from japan/ off topic

updated tue 21 feb 12


Mike Gordon on mon 20 feb 12

I just received this from a friend who teaches Printmaking at CCAC now=3D20=

CCA in Oakland, Ca. He also represents the College when they send=3D20
printmaking students to Japan as part of the HAMAGUICHI Grant. Mike=3D20
A wonderful show of appreciation from Japan for help during/after the=3D20
3.11 Earthquake Disaster.
Not that we=3DA0expect=3DA0or ask for it, but have we ever heard=3DA0words =

thanks from any other
country we have helped, besides why did we not do more??? Very heart=3D20
warming video.
These folks are not sitting around feeling sorry for themselves. They=3D20
doing an amazing job rebuilding their country.