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from nceca president

updated wed 22 feb 12


mel jacobson on mon 20 feb 12

Message from NCECA President, Keith Williams

Hello fellow NCECA members,

It's the time of year when everyone on Board and staff are polishing
conference preparations. With many details being finalized we are all
thrilled with what we have to offer. I am reminded of what an
impressive international organization we are. I think we will have a
record number of international attendees with us in Seattle, and I
know all be embraced and welcomed. I am also mindful at this time of
the members who won't be able to attend. Of course they will be
missed at the sessions and the conversation spots. I am so pleased
that NCECA now offers its members content and opportunities,
including some conference programming via podcast year-round. It is
part of our strategic priorities to serve our members beyond the
conference and provide a sense of value even in years when they can't atten=

To our friends whom we will miss in Seattle, please take advantage of
our educational opportunities by maintaining your NCECA membership
over the course of the year.

With feelings of great shared energy,

Keith J. Williams, President


Seattle Conference Information
* Not registered for On the Edge? Don't delay, Snail-mailed
Advanced Conference registrations must be postmarked on or before
February 28, 2012.
Advanced Conference registration expires March 7 at midnight EST.
After that your next opportunity to register will be in Seattle where
conference fees will increase.
a day by day listing of all the exciting programming and identify the
lectures, demonstrations, and events you want to attend. There is
also a
version of this page.
* If you are considering coming early and/or staying later than
the dates of the Conference (March 28 - 31), be sure to check out the
2 pages of
Conference Events. Workshops, Exhibitions, Food/Wine tasting, come
see them all: there are so many to choose from!
rich pdf exhibitions guide has been updated three times since it was
first posted, most recently on February 17, 2012. Some 190
exhibitions and events are now included.
clayart page below: