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cutting 2 inch tiles / saran wrap

updated fri 24 feb 12


Don Goodrich on thu 23 feb 12

Hi Erik,
I just wanted to thank you for your recent post where you mentioned us=
saran wrap when cutting tiles from the slab. A current project required c=
several 5" diameter tiles. I found that the lip of a plastic flower pot w=
as just=3D20
the right size to cut them. Remembering your post, I draped plastic film =
the clay first, then used the flowerpot as a cookie cutter. The film peel=
ed off=3D20
easily, leaving a delightfully rounded top edge on the tiles, completely=3D=

eliminating the usual deburring step I'd grown accustomed to. This trick=3D=

is definitely a keeper!

Thanks again,
Don Goodrich