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teabowls, important issue

updated sun 4 mar 12


mel jacobson on sat 3 mar 12

not all teabowls are raku, not all raku teabowls are
tea ceremony worthy. many teabowls are stoneware,
wood fired, salt fired or porcelain. many are worthy as chawan
tea ceremony.
\the famous teabowl maker `arakawa` did high temp
shino. i have one on my living room shelf.

when joe brought a friend `reiko` to the farm and did
`advanced` tea ceremony, she walked through camp
and picked a nice variety of bowls and water pots. one came out of
my cupboard, commercial, chinese made dish/bowl.
bright cobalt blue.
she did tea ceremony with all of them.
it is not the vessel, it is the act of ceremony with
a vessel.

she could do tea ceremony with a tin cup. it is complex.
vince's son could do 700 pages on the subject.
reiko is like a super black belt tea lady. she was amazing.
she loved `under pine tree with found pots tea ceremony`.
sort of like `a picnic`. (yukie and keiko where really in
awe of reiko...lots of bowing.)

mr. uchida took me for tea ceremony, dinner at a famous
shrine in northern kyoto, the almost last night in that city.
the geisha woman we both knew did the honors.
dinner, singing, poetry and tea in a famous outdoor tea house
that was like 200 years old. we viewed the moon on a pond
out a small window. drank far too much sake`.
it was magical. he must have reserved that tea house
months earlier. one has no idea what it cost him to that
honor for me. and, i knew it was very important.
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