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updated wed 7 mar 12


mel jacobson on mon 5 mar 12

Advanced Conference Registration Deadline- Wednesday, March 7
Your last opportunity to secure advanced registration for
the Edge, NCECA's 46th Annual Conference in Seattle expires
Wednesday, March 7 at Midnight, eastern. If you have not yet
registered, time is running out. Avoid the higher prices and lines
anticipated at onsite registration in Seattle.


Book a Seat on a Shuttle or Excursion in Seattle
Tickets for some shuttles and excursions may be available on-site in
Seattle, but seats on Tuesday, March 27 excursions to Bellingham,
Tacoma, Bellevue & Kirkland must be reserved online no later than
March 13, 2012. Reserve your shuttle or excursion tour now at

Don't miss out on what Seattle Times Arts writer Michael Upchurch
massive wave of ceramic-art exhibits going up in museums and
galleries across the metro area." With more than 190 exhibitions
detailed in
pdf exhibition guide, your plans to reach ones you really want to see
can be made possible by reserving a seat on one of the shuttles or
excursions being offered by Lew White Tours.

Cast your vote for NCECA's Future Leadership
Elections will be held at the conference in Seattle for the position
of Student Director at Large of NCECA. This is an incredible
opportunity to give back to the ceramics community, as well as build
your CV and meet fellow ceramic artists. For more info, please email
Chanda Glendinning at
or Suzanne Lussier at
clayart page below:

Michael McDowell on tue 6 mar 12

Mel, I appreciated the link to the NCECA guide that you gave, but there is =
problem. I've tried a couple of different browsers, and while they do get t=
the first page of the 53 page listing of events, it hangs my browser at tha=
point. Here's the link that I'm using:

Have I got something wrong? Or is my system just not up to it?

Michael McDowell
Whatcom County, WA, USA

Mary & Wes Handrow on tue 6 mar 12

I down loaded this and sent it as an attachment to email address. Hope it
works for you.