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bill's crystalline show at the tony hungerford memorial galler=

updated sat 10 mar 12


William & Susan Schran User on fri 9 mar 12


On 3/9/12 10:06 AM, "Clay art" wrote:

>Whao! Check this out guys. Bill your glazes are just b- e- a- u- tifull!
>day when I am big and strong, I want you to teach me all about crystalline
Thank you Antointte.
I have heard from several potters who have read the article that I wrote
for PMI (link posted on my web site) about my work with cone 6 crystalline
glazes and have found success from their first firing! Jeez, I wish I had
me when I started this journey. I think some of your forms would look
fantastic with crystalline glazes!

This past fall we hosted Antoinette for a weekend workshop where I teach.
She gave a great workshop about working with porcelain and how she
develops and constructs her gorgeous translucent forms. If you have a
school/college/arts center that hosts artists workshops, I would suggest
Antoinette be put at the top of your list!

William "Bill" Schran