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mug exchanger??

updated tue 3 feb 98


Robert J. MOORE on sat 31 jan 98

Ok, will the mug exchanger please stand up.
If you have Robert Moore on your : to send a mug to list, please let me know
what the deal is??
I would appriciate a response, just letting me know when I might expect the
mug.... Thanks,

Carolynn Palmer on mon 2 feb 98

Just when I think the mug exchange has settled down - oh well, over 100
clayarters exchanged mugs in a blind exchange - I kept no records, merely sent
out the latest to the last, etc - then sent out a few mugs myself to make
certain everyone got a mug.

Some participants were overseas, and many in Canada, but, all should be
exchanged by now, I hope.

I hope someone's concience is pricked by your note. There are just those who
don't fulfill their obligations, I guess.

Sorry, Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan