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room to share - seattle, 'nceca'

updated sat 17 mar 12


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 16 mar 12

I ended up getting a huge, spacious, De Luxe Hotel Room for a killer =3D
deal...has two huge Beds, tons of roomyness, and, is a "9 Minute Walk" =3D
from or to the Convention Center.

Executive Suites Hotel.

If anyone is would like to share the Room, let me know.

With two splitting the Bill, it would be on par with or even less than a =
Motel 6, for cost each.

All the use I would want out of it is a fast shower and sleep a few =3D
hours then back out into the, seems a shame to waste all that =
space and amenity if anyone out there is still looking for a reasonable =3D
share situation which would be easy on the pocketbook.

L v