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updated tue 20 mar 12 on mon 19 mar 12

thanks Paul. i am starting to get excited !!

Looks to me like there is a transit tunnel that goes from the convention
center to , among other things pioneer square, (lots of galleries), and e=
up in just a few minutes, at the International district ( we use to call=
Chinatown).. so lots of great Asian food a few minutes away via the trans=
tunnel, yes?

looking forward to being a few blocks from the Pike Street Market. i do =
that the closes eatery to my hotel seems to be a place called ,'Serious P=

i also noticed a place i will probably avoid. it is called 'Can Can', and=

advertises 'bachelorette parties, mac and cheese, and absinthe' ..gad, w=
an unholy combination!

I was just looking at the exhibit schedule and it is overwhelming how man=
exhibits are downtown. also i notice that an NCECA badge will get you in=
the Seattle Art Museum for free. the stretch between the Art museum and
Pioneer square on first looks like it is simply ' chock full of good
exhibits. :)

someone on FB mentioned the Asian art museum as well, in Volunteer park.
looks like a 17 minute bus ride on the #10 Capitol hill bus. anyone been=

there? highly recommended?

there also seems to be a large brewpub about 1-2 blocks from the Sherato=
called Rock Bottom... possibly an alternative for a gathering place if=

sheraton proves to be too tiny and/or high $$$$$$$$?

I am searching for cheap eats, but with the EZ transit system, looks lik=
there is no reason to be stuck right next to the convention center, (unle=
there are good eats right there of course), even if you don't have wheels=

also i challenge anyone to find the troll under the fremont bridge.

who has been enthralled with today's snowstorm in SE AZ