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not a venturi

updated tue 20 mar 12


Jeff Lawrence on mon 19 mar 12

Ivor offensively proclaimed that the double venturi isn't really a
venturi like in a carburetor and John chimed in with equal spite.

This crushes my project of tuning up my 1983 Honda V30 Magna by the
application of good solid chimney draught principles and I'm not
looking forward to reporting this setback to my motorcycle maintenance
I was cruelly decieved into believing a double venturi was twice as
good as a regular old plain-jane venturi.
Must I really now accept that a double venturi isn't even like a
double negative, where they cancel each other out, but just a big fat
blow-hard that doesn't? Do I really have to re-route my burners down
the the pipe instead of through the floor?

Fuming in Santa Fe but not sure which direction or how fast.