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double venturi again

updated mon 26 mar 12


mel jacobson on wed 21 mar 12

in our book we feature about a dozen kiln designs.
only one has the double venturi system.

donovan palmquist uses a single flue opening
in his fine kilns. he uses power burners/forced air
and it would be redundant to use the double system.
he also fits the size of the flue opening to the size of kiln
and the amount of gas pressure used. only logical.
he is a true professional

his kilns work great...and both nils and mel admire his
kilns a great deal. anyone would be excited to own
or fire one. each kiln he designs is unique to the customers
needs and environment. and, the customer has to be
prepared to pay for the unique design. they are not cheaply
made. but, they always work.

the j.t. abernathy kiln does not have a chimney at all.
it vents right into the room. kathi l. in michigan has had one
for years. it works like a champ. aberthany kilns are
amazing. (we have featured kathi's kiln in our book...she
did a great job for us.) most people would faint if they
saw or used an abernathy kiln. the room it is in, is the
chimney. just open a window and door and the kiln works.
no one dies of co2.

there are many styles, many chimney designs and many
flue opening designs. we have designed a small,home,
back yard kiln with a nils venturi system that works
very well with low pressure, and without power burners.
it works, and that is all we advertise. many, many people have
built them. we have never had a bad comment, or...`this gd kiln`sort
of remarks. i have built at least a dozen. they all work as advertised.
nothing is end all, do all...and the great variety of kilns
that we have featured are testimony to that. and we are sure that
someone soon will come up with a new plan that is amazing.
we look forward to that.

we give the plans/pdf with cad illustrations away to anyone. we trust
the design. we hope that those that have asked for the plans...(now
over 150) will send them on to others. it is a great little kiln that
is very easy to build, does not need complex welding and framing, most
all the extra parts come from the local hardware store and all you
need is one partner for a few hours to set the roof. all of the
bricks are straights.
it was designed to take the fear out of building a
kiln in your space, by you. we think it is a noble adventure.
clayart page below:

John Britt on thu 22 mar 12


Ivor and I have not received our promotional checks for posting about you=
r book.=3D20
I am sure it is an oversight. ;-)

ivor and olive lewis on fri 23 mar 12

Dear John Britt,

Well said sir. I have found that generous authors reward their promoters
with a signed copy of their extolled and esteemed folios.

Sincere regards,


John Britt on fri 23 mar 12

I am sure James Freeman got a book and a cruise on the Clay Times Cruise:=

I am sure mel will take care of you Ivor,

James Freeman on sun 25 mar 12

On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 7:41 AM, John Britt wro=

I am sure James Freeman got a book and a cruise on the Clay Times Cruise:

No book, no cruise. All I got was a case of Rice-a-Roni and the home
version of the game.

They also gave me the decoder ring so I can see the true messages hidden
inside of Mel's posts, and I now know the secret handshake so I can get
into the REAL ClayArt room!

Take care, and a fine Mahok to you all!


James Freeman

"Talk sense to a fool, and he calls you foolish."