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clay in nj

updated tue 27 mar 12


meg smeal on sun 25 mar 12

forget new jersey shore - drive to philly! only an hour - it's 60 fast m=
iles - a GREAT clay city - lots of galleries and studios - and so much fu=
n to walk around -



Frank Gaydos on mon 26 mar 12

You have the Long Beach Island Foundation with galleries and workshops. Not=
sure when they start however.=3D20

Then in Surf City you have M.T. Burton Gallery and studio. Professional lev=

Many more, just google it.=3D20

Frank Gaydos=3D20

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as=3D20
when they do it from religious conviction"=3D20
Blaise Pascal.=3D20

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From: "meg smeal" =3D20
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=3DC2=3DA0forget new jersey shore - =3DC2=3DA0drive to philly! =3DC2=3DA0on=
ly an hour -=3D
it's 60 fast miles - a GREAT clay city - =3DC2=3DA0lots of galleries and s=
os - =3DC2=3DA0and so much fun to walk around =3DC2=3DA0-=3D20