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studio potter journal-40th anniversary!!!!

updated tue 27 mar 12


jonathan kaplan on mon 26 mar 12

Hello Clayart!

As some of you may know, (but I am sure that many do not!) that I am on =3D
the board of The Studio Potter Journal and into my 2nd year. I has been =3D
a wonderful experience working with=3D20
a great group of people and charting direction for this great =3D

Studio Potter started publishing 40 years ago in 1972 and you can read =3D
about our history at

Our website is

The Journal is a barometer of our times and experience as ceramic =3D
artists and potters. It has chronicled our varied experiences in ways =3D
that one would certainly not expect. It has been a valuable resource for =
many of us for a long time. In fact, I have every issue including the =3D
early issues that had hand silk screened covers! We are focused on =3D
content and every issue contains engaging and stimulating reading.=3D20

Here is a quote from our web site:

.......Centered in studio practice, SP promotes discussion of =3D
technology, criticism, aesthetics, and history within the ceramics =3D

.......Yet some things have not changed: an essential belief in =3D
functional pottery; a reverence for new talent and old masters, the =3D
encouragement of first-person writing, education as discovery of the =3D
self, service to the field and an overriding commitment to humanitarian =3D
values. Volume One, Number One began with words that still define our =3D
mark: =3D93Studio Potter is a magazine for the community of potters =3D
everywhere. It is written by potters and directed toward fellow-potters =3D
who earn their living by making pots=3D85=3D94.=3D20
We are a non-profit and depend on our membership base for support. 2 =3D
years ago we realized that we must accept advertising in some form. We =3D
decided that any advertising that is "bound" into each journal would not =
be appropriate. So we created the Studio Potter Support Pages (SPSP) =3D
which is a separate insert included with each journal, designed and =3D
published with the same high standards as our twice a year journal.=3D20

As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary at NCECA, we have a great =3D
advertising promotion for the Studio Potter Support Pages, which is a =3D
20% discount on a year's advertising which is two insertions. This is a =3D
great way to promote your work as a potter/ceramic artist, to promote =3D
your service or product, all reaching a dedicated audience that is =3D
passionate about studio ceramics. All graphic design and advertising set =
up is included with the price.=3D20

We are also looking to grow our membership base and are actively looking =
for new subscribers to the journal. A year's membership includes 2 =3D
issues and your choice of an available back issue.=3D20

So if you are interested in working with us either as a new subscriber =3D
or placing an ad with us, please contact me off the list and I will send =
you all the information. Alternatively, if you plan to attend the NCECA =3D
conference in Seattle, please stop by the Studio Potter booth (T-54) in =3D
the non-profit section of the vendor's hall. We will also have a =3D
wonderful space in the ACT Theater that we are sharing with The Art =3D
Stream and Santa Fe Clay/La Mesa. Most of our board will be at the =3D
conference and we would really like to chat with you! We have some great =
raffles and other incentives as we celebrate this wonderful event of our =
40th Anniversary!=3D20

If you are not at the conference, I can extend you the discount rate. =3D
Again, please contact me off the list.

Please consider Studio Potter either as a new subscriber/member or =3D
advertising with us. We would love to work with you.

Thanks in advance, for the Studio Potter journal and our board =3D


Jonathan Kaplan

Plinth Gallery
3520 Brighton Blvd
Denver, CO 80216
303 295-0717 =3D20
303 909-5488 cell