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occupy your garden, tucson, arizona

updated wed 28 mar 12


Maxine Peace Potter on mon 26 mar 12

Maxine Krasnow of the Tucson Clay Co-op (that's me) is currently taking ord=
ers for Rainwater Harvesting Pots. I have 2 sizes, both hold about 3 quarts=
water, one with a short neck, one with a long neck. Wholesale prices are $=
12 & $18. They can save you 70% of your water bill. I love them because I n=
o longer have to worry about whether I am under or over watering. I simply =
keep the pots full & my plants have grown their roots around the buried pot=
s & know when they are thirsty.=3DA0 To order call me at 917 705 3803=3D0A=
would seem to me this would be a good item for potters throughout the sout=
hwest to market.=3D0AIf any one has experience using them and/or making the=
I would love your feedback.=3D0A=3D0ABelow is a link to an article on rain=
r pots which a student of mine found on the internet=3D0A=3D0A