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while youse were at nceca=3d?windows-1252?q?=3d85.?=3d

updated thu 5 apr 12


Deborah Thuman on wed 4 apr 12

.... I spent the week in the clay studio and in the sewing room. I fired =
a load of ^05 glazed pieces in the gas kiln. Even with the damper wide =3D
open and all the peeps out, I still got a little localized reduction. I =3D
also got blistering on one commercial glaze.=3D20

I'm thinking keeping the outer burners lower and using the inner burners =
could solve the localized reduction. I'm also thinking that if, when I =3D
do the 30 minute hold at the end and I don't lower the gas as much, I =3D
can solve the blistering problem. I got the chance to use my digital =3D
pyrometer for the first time, and the temperature dropped pretty =3D
dramatically when I did the hold. I'll test the blistering glaze on =3D
buttons the next time I fire.=3D20

We were going to go to NCECA, but the admission cost put us off. Jim =3D
worked, and I stayed home because I had already arranged to take time =3D
off from work. Good thing we didn't go...... I was dyeing and the =3D
22-year-old washer died right in the middle of a dye load. I now have a =3D
new washer that does way more than I expected and cost significantly =3D
less than I anticipated.=3D20

There are lots of clay, dyeing, and fiber photos on the blog. Thanks for =

Deb Thuman