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a low fire salt question

updated tue 3 feb 98


Dennis Stevens on mon 2 feb 98

A recent article in CeramicsTECHNICAL Magazine, #5 1997, pg 16, written by
Laura Cera describes the recent work of Joyce Clark Binen. In this article
describing the low fire salt/saggar techniques of the aforementioned artist,
there is a supplied salt slip recipe that is listed as follows:

Allister salt slip #3

14 Gerstley Borate
57 EPKaolin
29 Silica

Add 2% to 10% Copper Carbonate.

My question is this, What characteristics makes this recipe a successful low
fire salt slip? Is it the relative percentage of clay to silica? I have been
theorizing in my head over this for some time but cannot come to a logical
conclusion, mainly because I really haven't worked much with low fire salt.

Therefore, I am seeking a logical point of departure in my exploration.

Dennis Stevens
Summer House Studios
Conway, SC