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27-million-dollar bowl

updated fri 6 apr 12


Vince Pitelka on thu 5 apr 12

Just to give you some idea of what your work might be worth someday long
after you are gone, yesterday a very rare piece of Chinese Northern Song
Dynasty (960 to 1127 AD) Ru-ware sold at auction for $27 million at
Sotheby's in Hong Kong - the highest price ever paid for a piece of pottery=
This foliated porcelain bowl was estimated to bring up to $10 million, but
it was said to be the very last intact piece of Ru ware from this period
still in private hands and among the most sought-after pieces of pottery on
the world market. Several determined parties pushed the bidding, thus the
extra-high price. Experts referred to the item as a "Ruyao washing bowl.=
The anonymous winning bidder is likely a Chinese collector. Because of the
booming Chinese economy, Hong Kong has become one of the hottest spots in
the world for art auctions.

- Vince

Vince Pitelka

Appalachian Center for Craft

Tennessee Tech University