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updated sun 8 apr 12


Hank Murrow on fri 6 apr 12

On Apr 6, 2012, at 5:46 PM, wrote:

> Hello List,
> Just want to start off by giving orchids to a couple of folks who've =3D
posted lately.

Hey j.d.;

Kudos for a positive report from NCECA/Seattle! My NCECA was very =3D
different in content from yours while just as wonderful, beginning at =3D
the "Art of the NW Table" on Tuesday, where I sold 2/3 of the 61 pieces =3D
I brought in one wild night. Very gratifying, along with the great food =3D
and drink.

Cheers, Hank

PS: Gotta love that Inayoshi Osamu! He has agreed to come back to the NW =
and do a round of work at my studio followed by a mutual firing or two =3D
in my Doorless Fiberkiln. Check out my Facebook page when you get a =3D
chance for pics from the workshop.=3D20

The irrepressible Inayoshi demonstrating rockin' out!

The bowl Greg Fitz-Gerald bought.=3D

jd.steveni@COMCAST.NET on sat 7 apr 12

Hello List,

Just want to start off by giving orchids to a couple of folks who've posted=
lately. Hank Murrow was spot on about the Tea bowl Workshop at Tacoma Comm=
unity college. Local Lurkers get over to TCC gallery and have a look. Even =
if you aren't a huge fan of this style of making, the expertise is inspirin=
g. What I gathered too, was that there were a couple of hard-core collector=
s in the workshop mix -- at least on my side as there were 4 presenters and=
the group was divided. And boy, their comments were great. It was, to me,=
one of those historical mixes. Orchids to Mel, with his good-natured avuc=
ular charm, but incisive observations on the swingeing -- huge, very large =
-- crowd in the ClayArt Room. Seemed to approve my chatting with chum Mike=
McDowell. Orchids to Diana Pancioli whose mug I picked. Orchid to the swe=
et chap from a HS in Montana who picked my cup and saucer and said I wanted=
just this one.... Good manners takes one very far in this world.

Well, I subscribed as much as my wallet could stand to A Potter's Bucket Li=
st. I went up to north of Bellingham the weekend before NCECA to AnnMarie D=
eCollibus's studio where Posey Bacopoulos gave a workshop. Majolica is one =
of my secret vices as I trained as a painter. Took a breath and attended t=
he Steven Hill Road Show at the historic Moore Theatre, where I had one of =
those eerie flashbacks as I gazed around the fittings and fixtures and knew=
I'd seen Jefferson Airplane on stage there in the 60s. Thank you, Alice B =

Commuted down for some very early morning Board sessions with Potters Counc=
il (up at 4:30). Neat to meet face to face fellow board members. Toured rou=
nd the K-12 Ceramics Exhibition and could hardly believe my eyes! Chris Cam=
pbell, David McBeth and I had to choose in several grade areas to offer PC =
awards. I was so pleased to see the teacher's name on the ticket. Well done=
, you lot. I think the future of ceramics is in good hands at the moment. G=
ood job Lee B. and team.

I did enjoy meeting and greeting with Potter's Council Carolyn Dorr, on the=
three mornings of NCECA in the PC booth where so many folks stopped by to =
have a look at the juried exhibition.

Finally, I sell at local Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning from end of =
May to mid October. We are very big on the Slow Food movement, I'm on the b=
oard, and I flog the idea of Slow Manufacturing on my info bumph on my tabl=
e. This effort will give me funds to buy the equipment and bricks, etc, to =
build a Minnesota Flat Top gas kiln based on my takins last year. Mel and F=
riends book and video 21C Kilnsis a game changer.