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nceca tcc tea bowl show and workshop follow up

updated sun 8 apr 12


Rick Mahaffey on fri 6 apr 12

Thanks to JD Steveni for the kind words about our show and workshop at =3D
Tacoma Community College. The show is down and awaiting shipment to New =
York. I was in the gallery until 10:55pm Monday evening (after the =3D
first day of classes) packing everything up.
We got the work photographed and are looking into a catalog if we can =3D
find funding. We need to find money to pay the photographer and money =3D
to print the catalog.

We did sell a couple of bowls out of the workshop but not the most =3D
expensive ones. Comments were almost universally good with the =3D
exception of one potter whose only comment was about the show list - he =3D
wanted a price list with the pieces numbered rather than by country and =3D
last name. That comment I found to be interesting...........

NCECA was great but too busy because it was in my neighborhood (I was in =
8 different exhibitions around the area) and then we had the workshop =3D
with four presenters starting Saturday afternoon and Sunday. It was =3D
exhausting and on the plus side I lost 5 pounds and have finally caught =3D
up on my sleep.

To those around Houston be ready to be extra busy and tired when all is =3D
said and done. You will have a great time! I was able to catch up =3D
with many friends from the past.