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updated thu 12 apr 12


Mike Gordon on wed 11 apr 12

A collector friend sent me this article from the "Maine Antique
Digest.", April,2012 Patrick Foy is a spokesman for the California
Fish & Game Law Enforcement.I bring this up because I know there are
California clay people that use bone in the making of their knives &
brushes, and I was wondering if they're aware of this law. I have an
Elk hair brush with an antler handle that I bought from a clayart
person, years ago. Mike Gordon

(The penal code banning the sale of ivory isn't the only law affecting
the sale of animal parts. "If an animal exists in the wild in
California," Patrick Foy said, "it's illegal to sell parts from that
animal. As an example, if you hold a valid hunting license and shoot a
nice big buck and have the head mounted, it's illegal to sell that head
to another person. You can give it to your buddy, you can transport it
somewhere, but you can't sell it.")

Full article here.......