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the dumbing down of the college curriculum

updated sat 14 apr 12


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From: "James Freeman"

> The Fiscal Times has an article on some truly lightweight for-credit
> courses which pass as "education" at actual accredited universities.

I myself have never seen any reason for the state to offer anything more
than m-a-y-b-e, gently suggesting and emoting moral support for, Community
based, non-compulsory, and thus volentary, gently Formal, six month course,
anyone of any age, who is interested, where
the rudiments of Reading, Writing/Penmanship, and Arithmetic would be
covered in an easy and comfortable way, at liesure.

There is no reason why any young Child should not be able to be provided
this anyway, at Home, by their Parents and or by older Siblings, or
relatives or neighbors or friends of their Parents/relatives/neighbors, if
the Parents themselves are deficient...but, for those instances where a
Child or anyone else may not appeal to family or friends for the
introduction, then, it would seem to me that Communities could take it upon
themselves to organize in gentle ways, for providing it.

After that, it should be up to the individual to do with it as they please.

If a person has those basic skills, then, everything else will be
within their reach, assuming they have a reach. And, if they wish to do
anything with it, that's fine...if they
do not, it is their business, and no business of the state or of anyone

All of the interest, motives and methods of the state to 'educate' people,
have been disingenuous, an insult to and abuse of the Citizenry, and, a
disaster for
everyone, and a disaster for the future of the West, for almost a Century

Again - unless or untill one understand 'Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy',
and, 'The Stockholm Syndrome', one will understand nothing of any importanc=
about our 'educational system', or the 'government' from which it hath
spawned, and, their true works.

> They
> lead off with a sociology course at the University of South Carolina whic=
> explores a costumed person, I assume famous, named Lady Ga-Ga.

Why not Amanda Lepore?

Seems a step 'up' from Lady GaGa to me anyway...

> If these types of courses are considered "education",

Well, anything information or knowledge or experience wise, IS part of one'=
education. So could being in a 'coma' for some period of time or
could a good dose of 'Salmonella', for that matter.

How such may be prioritized, or valued, or applied, and to what, and by
whom, and to
please whom, remains controversal.

I myself value my 'Salmonella' experience, and I do consider it to have bee=
'educational' or edifying anyway.

I would never have believed one coud feel that inconsolably horrible, and,
still live.

> ...there is no hope for our
> society!

I have never had any 'Hope' for our Society.

> I cannot imagine why any caring parent would allow their child to
> waste time and money on such a course, or how any guidance counselor woul=
> do anything but discourage such things.

Possibly you forget - the 'parents' have been 'educated' by, or are product=
or creations
of, the same system.

> For employers, the outlook is
> grim.


Most likely, a 'job' WITH any of these 'employers'...would be 'grim'.

So, they deserve eachother.'s a sort of 'Danse of Death'...a condition of the 'dead' burying the
'dead'...or burying the half-dead, in order to convert them...same as their
'education' was.

> Imagine yourself a recruiter who hires a degreed individual,
> believing them to be educated, only to find out that they studied Lady
> Ga-Ga and "Geology in Movies"!

I would never have that 'job', nor have I been appropriately 'educated' to
have that job. If I had that job, they would fire me very quickly, if I had
not already 'quit'.

Probably, no one should have that 'job'...nor be 'educated' to it.

I think that is a big part of the 'problem'.

Too many are...

> Here is a link to the article:
> All the best.
> ...James


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