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"education" - reminescences - anyone here have any recollections =

updated thu 19 apr 12


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 17 apr 12

of being part of any Gifted Child screenings back when?

A side the whole 'education' thing...

Grammar School time, 2nd Grade even...or was 2nd Grade for me anyway, when
it started., call it mid to late 1950s, early to mid 1960s era range

From what I remember anyway - Usually one, then after a couple days, a
second, grim, plain/stoic dressed,
taciturn, non-descript strangers, white short sleeve Shirts, dark Trousers,
high Polish Shoes, probably usually a Man and Woman team, would come in to
the School, be treated like VIPS only very 'quietly', they'd have access to
everything, pour over all the kiddie's drawings and PTA stuff, Files, and
else of the Kids' other work...this, for a day or two, talk in hushed tones
Teachers off in a corner...chin nods, eye signals, furtive glances...

Then... a few various Kids would be pulled out of classes and set up
by themselves, or, sometimes in small groups, in a Utility Room, cleared ou=
Storage Room, large
Closet, or disused Office or empty Classroom, off somewhere private, and, b=
huge numbers
of various 'Tests' to do, IMB Cards and pencil-in-the spot,
fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, all the usual, and maybe more...or have
various field
tests to be subjected to also, done 'to'
by one of the two strangers only, no one else, or overseen by both
'strangers' in turn...usually lasting several
days consecutively, or resumed again later, with more of the same. Other
stuff too...from there.

Something got me started on remembering about this stuff the other day, and=
I was wondering if anyone else here was in any of those programs in any
capacity...or, if you were, whether you'd feel willing to share any
recollections about any of it, off forum or on.

L v