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boxes for teabowls

updated fri 27 apr 12


mel jacobson on thu 26 apr 12

i know craig does not want to hear this.
he has a lot on his plate...busy guy.

but, buying some very good quality thin plywood, and
cutting some pre sized pieces, one can assemble them pretty fast.

they make a very nice box.
i use wood glue and drill small holes and make
bamboo nails. (toothpicks work fine too.)
i have a few bucks invested in those smaller plastic clamping tools.
you need about four. 5 bucks each at menard's. (our big box in minnesota.=

add some stops for the cover...and in a few hours i can make
four or five boxes.

i have tried them with natural thin walnut, but ultimately
they crack up...hard to get really good, totally dry thin wood. you would
probably have to use your kitchen oven for a couple of days and dry it
out well. but, that handsome thin plywood is really nice. a four by four
sheet of no 1 is just a few bucks.
oil it with danish oil...and boooza, nice.
from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link: