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updated wed 25 apr 12


Deborah Thuman on tue 24 apr 12

While I detested the Lord of the Rings movie (I know what hobbits look =3D
like, and it isn't like that), I was intrigued by the ceramic tumblers. =3D
While watching another movie, I leaned over to Jim and said: Isn't that =3D
a Noretake piece on the table? For a while, I would watch the plays at =3D
the local university and get lost in the costumes. I'd forget all about =3D
the dialog and think about how I need to use more and different kinds of =
fabrics when I sew.=3D20

On our first cruise, we were given a bottle of champaign. When the =3D
waiter put the for-real cork on the table, I picked it up and announced: =
Texture tool!

Then again, I always did have a vivid imagination.=3D20

Deb Thuman