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want a "paint it yourself pottery" on west coast?

updated thu 26 apr 12


Shaw Pottery on wed 25 apr 12

This is a strange message, but legit. We have a contact with several
thousand molds, some kilns, and who knows what else who wants them
out of a building he is converting to offices. This is a lock, stock
and barrel type of deal. Since they are stacked nicely on shelves
with tags and all, he doesn't want people taking out one mold here
and one there, possibly knocking over shelving in the process, or
being injured by falling molds loosened by someone else.

This was a "paint it yourself" business at one time. I have photos of
the molds and they look in good shape. Not sure about the kilns until
I can go see them in person. The new owner of the building found us,
called, and here we are, just trying to help him - AND YOU - get

The cost is... you come with big trucks, lots of help, carry
everything out and take it to your new place of business. Don't leave
a mess, and if you smash your thumb... you provide bandaid or cast!
Seriously, if it could go to charity, he would be ecstatic. But the
odds of that are little to none.

If you are seriously interested, have or can get a big building to
house it all, and have some idea on how to run this type of slip-cast
business, please get in touch with me asap. He has about 30 days to
get this done.

What do we get out of this? Simply the pleasure of helping someone
else start a good business with very little investment. It's a "pay
it forward" type of thing for us. He found our name and called. We
said we would help if we could. If I were 20 years younger and had
enough $$ to rent a building in a good location, I would jump at the
chance. But I'm 70, and we have all we can do to keep bills paid by
going to the local art fair each and every Sunday it doesn't pour,
5am to 8pm on Sundays, and 6 days a week throwing, trimming, firing,
glazing, firing... (that's Joe's side of the business), my side is
doing what I can do to help, basically being his legs (he was injured
at age 20), and anything else I can do to help him out.

So, you younger folks out there... here's a chance, so someone jump
at it! It will never come around again! Oh, did I mention there are
two or three rooms of greenware just to get you started?

E-mail me first, and then we can talk by phone if it looks good. I'll
send photos direct by e-mail.

Rita Shaw