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shaw pottery video on youtube

updated tue 1 may 12


Shaw Pottery on mon 30 apr 12

We just made a video of many of our pieces from the last year. While
we are far from professionals, it is bright & colorful, and set to
music. You can see it at our Shaw Pottery FaceBook page:

A more comprehensive video of our pottery!

Shaw Pottery
A selection of our best and most interesting pottery!

Our webpage is We do not sell from
either site, they are simply meant to be informative and entertaining.

Our sales are at galleries, local events such as winery festivals,
and every Sunday at the Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show on
Cabrillo Blvd. The SB show goes on year round, and we are there every
single Sunday, weather permitting. As you can imagine, that keeps us
busy. We have 18 linear feet of display X three tiers high, which
means a lot of toting and lifting. You have to be set up by 10am or
earlier, and the show runs until 5pm or later, depending on foot
traffic and weather.

Please watch the video and check out both the FaceBook page and the
webpage. We would really appreciate your input. We have found that
what looks great on our screen might not be nearly as lovely on
someone else's computer or smartphone.