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waste oil kiln burners on ebay

updated wed 16 may 12


Paul Borian on mon 14 may 12

i saved about 16,000 gallons of propane since building these burners in
my pottery business is in a totally different situation now and the cost of
firing with gas is a much lower percentage of the total value of each kiln
load so i am selling these. it's mostly just to save as much time as
possible for production work since things are so busy here.
so, that kind of tells you that this is a fairly high-maintenance do the math and decide if it would be worth it.
if some basic maintenance is kept up with, you can go several firings in a
row with almost none. but, inevitably, there will be maintenance.

They served their purpose very well and i have listed the entire setup,
ready to start firing (just add oil!), on ebay - and will keep it their
until sold.

here is a link: